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Transformational Coaching


Transformational Coaching is an embedded practice for all School Support Specialists (SSTs) in the district.  SSTs receive training on Transformational Coaching monthly and are expected to utilize 50% of their day engaged in a coaching activity.

Transformational Coaching is designed to engage teachers in a coaching process that will improve their day-to-day practice in the classroom that will result in increases in student performance.  Each region has a Mentor Coach assigned to it.  The Mentor Coaches are charged with providing coaching support to the SSTs in their region, conducting professional development on transformational coaching and supporting principals and SSTs as they work to embed good coaching practices in their school.

SSTs are also encouraged to enhance their coaching capacity by enrolling in the coaching certification program jointly offered by Viterbo University and Milwaukee Public Schools.  This 10 credit graduate level certificate program offers SSTs the opportunity to gain college credit for their coaching work.  More information can be found in the resources page.

A copy of the SST Handbook can be found in the resources section of this page.


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