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Instructional Rounds

Instructional Rounds take place the first Wednesday of every month as part of the Principal Institute. Cohorts are created with 4 to 5 schools. The Instructional Round site rotates through the schools represented. The principals from each school and a cohort facilitator, conduct walks in the school to gather evidence related to the schools Problem of Practice (PoP) and Strategic Academic Priority. Teams reflect on the data they collect and discuss what the data says relative to the PoP and Strategic Academic Priority.

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  Problem of Practice (PoP)

Purpose: The purpose of the Problem of Practice is to provide schools with a unique focus for the school, grounded in data and aligned to the district’s strategic priorities and supported by targeted school-based professional development and coaching. 

Schools will develop a unique PoP that will focus the school’s work for the year.  A school can have two PoPs that address two different Strategic Priorities as long as both are viewed through the same cluster group (social supports or intellectual engagement).  A PoP needs to include the following:

  • Focus on the Instructional Core
  • Is directly observable
  • Is actionable (is within the school's control and can be improved in real time)
  • Connects to a broader strategy of improvement (DIP)
  • Is high-leverage (if acted on, it would make a significant difference for student learning)





  Strategic Academic Priority

The school’s PoP is also aligned to one of the Strategic Priorities found in Strategy #1 of the District Improvement Plan.  The Strategic Priorities available are as follows; 1) Foundational Reading (Pre-K – 5), Algebra Readiness (Pre-K – 8) and Disciplinary Literacy (6-12). School Climate is also a Strategic Priority that all schools will be working on in a variety of ways.  Use your data review to help determine which one of the three will best fit as a focus for the year.  Remember, all schools will be working on the School Climate piece throughout the year.

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