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Regional Walk-Throughs

Regional Walk-Throughs are conducted every Tuesday morning and all day on Thursday by regional teams. Teams focus their attention and gather data on four components found in Danielson's Framework for Teaching.

Framework for Teaching Focus Components:

2a - Creating a Culture of Respect and Rapport

2b - Establishing a Culture for Learning

3a - Communicating with Students

3c - Engaging Students in Learning

After observing classrooms and gathering data the team meets with school leaders and conducts a debrief session. From that discussion, a series of Guaranteed Supports is created. These supports are aligned to the focus components and are intended to support the creation of conditions that will result in greater student achievement.

A case-management approach is used to determine the number of walks a school will receive. A select group of schools (usually 7 in each region) will receive 6 walks over the course of the year.






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