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District and School Improvement

Milwaukee Public Schools annually completes and implements a district improvement plan (DIP). That plan is grounded in a single goal with supporting strategies, action steps, and tasks to accomplish the goal. A copy of the current plan overview sheet can be found in the resource section of this page.

School improvement plans (SIP) are aligned to the DIP. Each school completes a SIP that will guide its work throughout the year. SIPs have the same district goal with aligned strategies and action steps to ensure consistency and continuity across the district.

A student performance coordinator (SPC) is assigned to each region to help support schools in completing, reviewing, and implementing their SIPs. This technical support includes onsite visits to learning team meetings and meetings with principals and SSTs, as well as desk audits of SIPs. 

SPCs are well versed in data analysis, assessments, RtI systems, PD cycles, and continuous improvement practices that can support a school as it works to improve student outcomes.

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